Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Get Excited

This Thursday is rocking my world.

You might have read into some of my previous posts about work and seen that I've been busting my tail lately. Late hours, early mornings, missed workouts, headaches and weekend replies to emails have been way too familiar lately. Today I am taking some of that time back!

Since nothing will get easier any time soon, my team has granted me a day to work from home just to get the morning responsibilities out of the way and then sign out, shut down and go enjoy the day with my family!

By the time you read this I've already accomplished the following:

  • Ran 5 morning miles

  • Enjoyed a latte

  • Ate a healthy banana & greek yogurt breakfast

  • Probably already finished 30% of my work, depending on when you're reading.

  • Hopefully showered?

The early bird gets the worm - and hopefully that worm is bright, colorful and covered in sugar.

The plan for the remainder of the day is to head to mom and dad's house to be with the family, spend time with my brother, see my beautiful golden sisters and snuggle with this little one as much as she'll allow:

This Throwback Thursday is brought to you by the feeling of being surprised, excited and happy all at once that you can hardly contain yourself.

heart JE

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Brookelyn said...

enjoy your well earned afternoon offfffff!