Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 11: Cohabitation

Did everyone fill out a March Madness bracket?

I did, along with Dan, and don't have any money on the line for my picks {read: guesses}. As I edit this, we both have 13/16 picks correct and didn't even consult one another in the draft process. We both haven't paid enough attention to any sports seasons this fall/winter to really "care" and the only thing we watched loyally and without distraction has been The Walking Dead and The Biggest Loser.

Going in blind to the bracket creation process really relieved a lot of the stress and worry about scenario play-outs that I would have experienced if I even knew the school colors of my selections. I know nothing except seed and I was able to call the Oregon upset over Oklahoma state, much like many of my native Oregonian co-workers.

I didn't get much running in this week but when I was able to I had a clear mind along with me. So clear that I finally took a moment to capture and share this stretch that always puts a smile on my face. Go home, sidewalk! You're drunk!

Speaking of feeling a little wobbly, Dan and I have found a new favorite location if we're ever arriving in the neighborhood early on a Monday through Friday. Last weekend we learned that there were margarita's for $1.99 at La Carreta on weekdays from 4-6pm so on Thursday night when we were passing through at 5:27 he suggested that we stop. As soon as we bellied up to the bar to watch an UNLV upset we were able to squeeze a few limes into a few margaritas and call it a good night.

This was a great week for Dan (and Batman) because if you didn't know any better you'd think this was my boyfriend from his facebook photo. He's in love with this combination of two of his favorite things besides me and golf - Batman and Nike. I can see this living in our home someday soon - have any preferred vendors who would make an amazing poster, canvas transfer out of this one? I'm thinking CostCo.

Dan had a lot of time on his hands this week as he planned to take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. A co-worker became sick and rather than allowing their newest teammate to be left alone, he volunteered to swap out Wednesday's day off for Friday instead so that he could attend granny's funeral and be there to support me and my family. I was really proud of decision, not only for the family circumstances but also for his integrity to help out a co-worker in need. He always reassures me of what a good, kind and caring heart he has.

The funeral service for granny is this afternoon at 1pm and I'm lucky to have a manager who is flexible and understanding of how important it is for me to attend. As she turns it into a labor of love, mom was on point to arrange beautiful flowers for the service. Pink, granny's favorite color, will surround her in her last moments in the church before she descends into the ground for eternal sleep.

Thanks again for all of your support this week - we are really looking forward to being surrounded by family and love this afternoon and the entire weekend.

heart JE

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Brookelyn said...

side walk, you're drunk. made me laugh out loud.... hope today goes well for you my dear. thinking of you :)