Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 9: Cohabitation

Its ONLY  been 9 weeks that we've lived together in SE? Where has the time gone?

For how this week started off I am pretty impressed that we made it through.

Dan and I returned home from the coast early Sunday night to make sure we had laundry + food prep in order and also so that we had time to enjoy the latest episode of the Walking Dead. We headed to bed at a decent time because I wanted to be in to work at 6am and to do that he would have to come with me.

Monday morning our alarms went off, Dan rolled over, I sighed - then murmured that it was "okay" if we didn't go in early. Check - set, we will wake up at the normal time (5:15) so that we can leave the house a little after 6. We both were back to sleep before we could even count to 10.

I wake up to words I shouldn't type, several shakes, and an announcement that "It's 6:00!" I've never gotten ready so quickly in my life. It may surprise you that this very scene used to happen to me so often in college that my brother started sending me videos of annoying alarms to test out.

Never have I been so thankful that a top knot is in style, that I have a long commute to do my make-up (stop lights) and that I didn't have any meetings scheduled.

A huge award goes to Dan - because normally he can sleep until noon on weekends and he was the one that got us up and running. I would have never lived it down at work and would have been forever paranoid of how many alarms were set.

After this bump, the week only got better!

1. Mid day latte on a sunny day at my favorite local coffee shop

2. Hit my goal with the sunrise with my new and improved black ice Nike+ Fuelband

3. Yummy mid-day yogurt, honey & granola snack

4. An evening latte after Dan and I passed out napped after getting in the door Tuesday night

5. Tiger is happy to be back home from his road trip beach vacation

6. Dan posing at the beach, my handsome :)

7. Garlic Naan from Trader Joe's for dinner (with grilled chicken + steamed veggies)

8. Sister snoozes on Thursday at home with my family

9. Puppy play date at the park - Dan didn't make it but the girls had a great time!

Happy Friday to all!

Don't forget to Spring Forward this weekend. Sleep an extra hour for me, please!

heart JE


Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

I love that garlic naan from Trader Joes! Such an easy dinner with protein & veggies. And that's a great wake up story.. I always close my eyes after my alarm and sometimes I fall back asleep again. I have gotten into the habit of setting back up alarms : )

Jessi said...

Marisa - the garlic Naan is excellent - how do you keep it warm for longer than the 5 minutes after it comes out of the oven. We even had it in for 2 mins longer than what the package said. #firstworldproblems

Also, it would have been the worst day ever to do sleep in late. We are going to get up earlier more often to run so I think that will help!

Brookelyn said...

at least the time change will help with the early morning runs ! and just mayyyybe help wake you up in the morning?!

Jessi said...

TIme change for the win!!! And early morning runs will guarantee that they get done, make more fun time in the evening, give us more time together AND tough mudder training. Winnnnnn