Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Rain Rain, Time to Play!

How did the first day of Spring fare for everyone out there? If you're located in the Pacific Northwest as I am you experienced highs of 52 and lows of 37 with peculiar weather in between.

Every time I looked outside I saw a different scene:

  • In the morning the ground was dewy and the rain was misty.

  • In the early afternoon the skies were overcast and gloomy.

  • In the mid-afternoon hail was rattling against the windows outside of the office.

  • Soon after the hail, the clouds broke apart to reveal a beautiful ray of sunshine, accompanied with puddles of rain collecting from the light continued showers.

Since I was desperate for a run to clear my mind after the events that have transpired this week, I was happy to be fully prepared with a rain jacket, shorts, pants, two pairs of shoes and a great attitude. I stepped out of the office in shorts and a rain jacket to plan for the worst but hope for the best. As my strides hit the freshly wet pavement I found myself beaming at the realization of how light the air felt, how refreshing the scent of spring can be and how this time of year is a beautiful reminder of life, love and beauty.

The first five miles of the run I was greeted with the warm sun against my face, happy runners and walkers getting their fitness in and a sense of clarity in my mind and my heart. The sixth and last mile of the run was what I was anticipating and what re-charged my batteries. It was in the last mile that the skies opened up and raindrops like tears flowed down my face, into my jacket and soaked into my soul.

Water hydrates, nourishes, replenishes and brings life to every living thing on this planet.

The next time you see rain out your window {no really, go look!} throw caution to the wind and invite the raindrops to transform you with their rhythmic and steady symphony.

Today's Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a little giggly girl who has never minded the rain, especially in the company of a big furry chipmunk.

heart JE

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Brookelyn said...

glad to hear the Beavs weather was exactly the same as LO weather yesterday ;) wouldn't want Oregon to be holding out on either of us.