Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 10: Cohabitation

As I sit here writing this post (hint: Thursday night) Dan is in the kitchen making us NY Strip Steak, sauteed veggies and we're both sipping wine from a new bottle we sampled today at Trader Joe's. Life is good Great!

This was a big week for both of us so let's focus on only the happy moments!

This week Dan celebrated his five year anniversary with the company of his dreams. When he was congratulated by a round of applause from his peers, he was then presented with a peer-voted Employee of the Quarter award for all of his hard work and passion for his work.

It'll be two more years until I get my very own plaque:

We grabbed coffee from our local coffee shop THREE mornings this week which always puts a little pep in our step! Normally when we make it into work we have a couple minutes to spare and those are spent resting on each other's shoulders to have a little more 'us time' before we are sentenced to 8-10 hours of non-stop work. The coffee puts us in the parking lot a little closer to go-time and it just plain tastes good!

Wednesday night we had a special visitor at the house! Mom was going out at night to meet with a long lost friend and we had the privilege of keeping an eye on the sweetest little girl. Bella has the sweetest temperament, the gentlest eyes and the softest coat of hair! She was a sleepyhead for most of the night as was I and fell asleep on my feet while we tried our hardest to stay awake for mom to come in after curfew ;)


This is dinner and drinks tonight, don't be jealous!

Weekend plans? No way!

Dan plans to run with me Saturday morning before getting 18 holes of golf in. I plan to run as far as my legs will take me and dream as far as my mind will let me travel. Maybe a pedicure too - what are you guys up to?

Oh right, St. Patty's Day! I hope you're wearing green! I can see us grabbing a pint of Guinness to celebrate but other than that I'm laying low. I think it's important to call out that last year I spent St. Patty's morning DIY-ing with Brooke and Erica where we made these pinterest gems: Bracelets & Shoes

Sorry to end this short, but my man's calling me to dance with him in our living room to some new J.T.- have a great weekend, everyone!

heart JE


Brooke Lyn said...

Go dan-the-man !!!! And Yay for steak dinners ! We had steak salads over here on the west side !

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