Monday, March 4, 2013

Beach Weekend | Part 1

The past weekend at the coast with the entire family was exactly what the doctor called for. A new sister to love, a brother who lives far away home for a week and some extra R&R demanded by my body and my mind. You can't argue that snuggling is the best medicine!

Since the entire family was invited, I brought Tiger to work so that he could leave for the coast with us on Friday evening. He didn't seem to enjoy the smaller home and going on a road trip, but we think it was a better alternative than letting him starve and have no social interaction for a few days. Protective mother.

Dan and I set out after another long week to dine at Mo's and use up some vouchers we had purchased a few months ago and had a tasty and filling meal before meeting up with the family. Steamed clams, salmon steak, cannonball bowl and a cookie and we were happy oysters.

We tucked into bed early on Friday night in anticipation of a fun weekend ahead. Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful breakfast bar with anything we could ever ask for all presented by my mom the hostess. Once we were well fed and caffeinated - we bundled up and headed out to the sand to get some walk-time in before the rain was supposed to hit. It was pretty cold, and since miss Bella isn't allowed to walk on the beach yet, but we made the most of our time outdoors and Bailey got to strut her stuff in the sand and crashing into the waves. Goldens just want to have fun!

Once we made it back indoors and everyone warmed up (for me it took a shower and hot cocoa) we had a fun time watching the puppies play and figure out their relationship with each other while heating our feet by the fire. I'm not sure if it was the glow from the fireplace or the glow from our laptops/iPads/kindles - but everyone looked Happy. 

That's all for today, look forward to seeing our tasty dinner, filling breakfast, and a SUNNY day at the coast with cuteness-overload and even ice cream cones!


Brookelyn said...

bread bowls. on bread bowls. on bread bowls!!!!

Jessi said...

Too good! :) oozing with chowder!

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

I love Mo's and that breakfast bar looks fabulous! What a fun Oregon Coast weekend and very typical to be running out to be beach to catch the rain-free sky for a few minutes : ) Makes me miss it!

Jessi said...

Thanks Marisa! You would have hated the wind chill factor but tomorrow you'll see how gorgeous Sunday was for us!! :)

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