Friday, March 29, 2013

March Summary

You guys have been on a wild ride with me this past month and I'm a little bummed to say goodbye to it.

If we look back to March's Eight Great Goals here's how I opened up my eyes to the month:

Ah, March – what do you plan to bring?

More responsibility, more puppy fun, more photos, more love, more smiles, more silliness, more laughter, more improvement, more sleep? I honestly hope all of the above!

And seriously - ALL of the above were fulfilled and exceeded.

  • I realized what I am made of with the new responsibilities and weight on my shoulders at work

  • Matt was home - that's never a bad thing. Proof here & here.

  • The food around this joint was un-believable. Take a look for yourself!

BreakfastBrownies - Steak - Soup - Cake - Spaghetti Squash

  • I accepted a blogging award - thanks! And Dan received an Employee of the Quarter Award! 

  • Dan treated me to a Blazers game and we splurged on a Shamrock Shake!!

  • I met little miss Olive and more importantly was able to catch up with her beautiful mom, Tanna!

  • I'm pretty sure that Dan and I didn't eat out more than 5 times - but I sort of definitely lost track! Twice we may have eaten popcorn at Cinetopia for a meal - I haven't decided if that counts? Not Accountable

  • As of today, Friday morning - I'm still leading my NCAA bracket

  • I'm constantly reminded of how wonderful my boyfriend is

  • I got some time on this inspiring girl's website sharing my food prep with her followers - she's studying to become a registered dietitian

The last 29 days haven't been perfect, but I feel like things are looking up and they will only get better from here.

And once again as we leave the month, I'd like to repeat that I thank you for all of the well wishes, thoughts, notes and letters wishing us well after the loss of a wonderful woman. We miss you Granny!

heart JE

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