Monday, March 11, 2013

Saving Daylight

Who else around here is happy to have another hour of sunlight in the evenings?

I feel like the extra afternoon light will be exactly what I need to remind myself to get out in the world and enjoy it. In the winter darkness it's easy to get stuck in a rut when the only natural light you see is out the windows while you're tied to a desk all day figuratively speaking. Sure, when it's dark outside I can justify spending more time catching up on our DVR and catching up on my favorite internet reads - but that's not how I want to remember spending my twenties!

More daylight will mean more living, more inspiration, more color, more imagination and more time to take a step outside and breathe in the fresh air. It will also mean better photos, BBQ's and some beautiful sunsets to soak in.

Losing an hour this weekend didn't phase us and I felt more productive and balanced than ever.

  • I finished running by 8am each morning

  • I enjoyed quality family time as my brother packed up and returned home

  • I finally met Olive and caught up with Tanna - both are happy and healthy!

  • I visited Barista for a cup of coffee downtown Sunday morning

  • Food prep for the weekend is done!

  • We tried and loved some borrowed recipes (stay tuned!)

And Dan? He had a great Saturday playing frosty golf early in the morning, he loved watching Tiger Woods win the WGC Cadillac Championship on Sunday and he thanked me repeatedly for the time I spent in the kitchen making our meals for the weekend and for the week. He also impressed me domestically by mopping the floor and getting the dishes washed and put away before I even noticed.

He's a keeper.

heart JE

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