Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A 10 Year Old's Birthday List

Now that it's October 17th it's officially "Birthday Month"!

My birthday is November 16th (write that on your calendar) so mayyyybe it's not the same calendar month... details details.

I don't have a wish list this year as my parents have already given me my gift in the form of cash for my Summer 2012 vacation. However, I want to share with you what I wished for 14 years ago when I was 10 going on 11 and there was a world of great opportunities ahead of me (and before Pinterest)

I thank my mom for both saving and sending me this gem that I typed up October 13th, 1998. I can't say that I am impressed by my taste back then or that it matches my current needs, but I am impressed by the formality of my written request. I can't be sure, but I can only assume that it was also signed, sealed and properly addressed to our old SE Portland address judging by the way the paper is folded.

1. Cable - I believe we got cable in the spring of 2000 so I wasn't loved it didn't make the cut :)

2. Batting Gloves - Such a tomboy. #2 on my list was a pair of batting gloves, really?

3. $20 Or More - is this open ended? Did I really need to specify / think that if I said "Cash" that I would get less than $20? My parents were better than that!

4. Rampage World Tour for N64 - didn't get this and not sure what all the hype was about.

5. Oops, I missed #5. Microsoft Word, you failed me.

6. New Shoes - I assume these are athletic shoes based on #2 and #7

7. Sweatshirts - I ask my 10 year old late 90's self: Crew, Zip or Hoody?

Thankfully my taste has improved since then and on my fictitious wish list now are kitchen appliances, home improvements,  gift cards and camera accessories.

Maybe someday I'll share an accompanying photo of my awkward pre-teens with you.

<3 JE


Brookelyn said...

such a formal and respectful 10 year old. #maturebeyondyouryears

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