Monday, October 29, 2012


I hope that everyone had a safe and haunting Halloween weekend! It feels odd that Halloween is on a weekday this year and I truly hope to make it home in time for the cute little ones knocking at my door for candy.

I do my best to celebrate Halloween for an entire month as it's one of my favorites.

Typically I only decorate at work since that's where I spend the most amount of time and it's also the place where the most people will see everything. This year, I spent a lunch hour the first week of October and set up my work area with reused decorations that have been waiting patiently in a bag since last year. The fake spiderwebs are fun to work with and are an easy way to dress up any area for an authentic haunting feel without too much gore.

I love the Styrofoam glitter pumpkin and glitter "Boo" sign -  they add a girly touch and were both less than $5 at Target last year. I have been meaning to go back and collect a few others, but also am trying to limit the amount of glitter that makes it into my home as it's impossible to clean up afterwards.


^ Where all of the magic happens ^

^ Glitter pumpkin ^

^ Dangling ^

^ Tootsie Pop Ghosts ^


^ Look what I caught them doing when I got home ^

^ Skeleton Garland ^

^ Cinnamon Broom ($3.99 @ TJ's) on exposed brick ^

^ Pumpkin Beer Bucket ^

^ Skeletons on the guitar wine rack ^

Do you decorate for Halloween? Is your style more playful or scary?

<3 JE

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