Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Dan the man and I started a 21 Day Challenge yesterday that should safely get us through the month of October without gaining a pound (and hopefully losing instead!)

I found this "No Junk Food Challenge" on my Pinterest feed a few months back and have always meant to try it out. What was stopping me? Well I couldn't quite let go of summer evening Fro-Yo or crunchy peanut butter toast before my long Sunday runs. Forgive me.

Now that it's fall and tis the season to eat, a cut and dry 21 day plan for three solid weeks should combat any temptations laid in front of me.

Dan boasted that "this will be harder for you than it is for me!" ... Now, I completely agree with that - I am the one with the sweet tooth and ice cream cravings, but when I laid down the law on his sugary children's cereal I nearly encountered a stage nine fit from a grown 27 year old man. We laughed about it and decided to help each other by setting up a banned-foods shelf in the cupboard. We pinky-swore to not reach up or add anything to the shelf until October 31st when the challenge is over.

I will however be buying and storing the Pilgrim Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream for November, this is just too good! I've also been told by a reliable ice cream expert that there's a Dreyer's slow churned version that might be a little healthier for the same pumpkin effect. Time will tell.

Here's to clean eating!

<3 JE

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