Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OctNOber - 7th Day Update

I've endured 7 days on the OctNOber challenge and it has not been easy!

If you missed it, on October 9th the boyfriend and I started a 21 day challenge to eliminate sweets from our diets and cruise through October without any extra pounds on the scale. 

My vices on the "No" list are candy, chocolate and ice cream - especially with Pumpkin Ice Cream screaming at me only in stores seasonally.

A bad idea was going to Costco on Sunday afternoon and having to resist the temptation of several samples including but not limited to hot cocoa, licorice, chocolate covered cherries, Madeleine cookies, cinnamon rolls and I can't write any more, I'm drooling. Notes have been taken for future weekend visits where this bad idea would become a really really good idea.

Yesterday on Day 7, I received this text confession from Dan (My Wonderful Boyfriend).

While I thank him for coming clean, I am still confused how two donuts could just disappear. I guess some things are beyond mere mortals like myself to answer. I believe that it was upon lifting his third donut to his mouth that he realized what he'd done.

From the confession I learned that if I can distract him well enough, I can get him to do anything against his will. ...kidding kind of. He tried everything from "you can cheat too!" to "I'll serve an extra day of punishment" . In the end, I received his consent to post our conversation and let that be enough man-shaming.

On the positive side, we discovered great dessert options at only 90 calories per 6 oz serving.

Dan loves these Yoplait light flavors and I'm happy too because the servings and contents are perfect to remind me that a treat doesn't have to be naughty.

Wish me luck for the next 7 days of the challenge - I'll be headed to the coast and have a serious weakness for hot cocoa on rainy weekends!

<3 JE

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