Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

As I mentioned last week it was my dad's birthday on Friday. He's now married to a much younger woman - for only 47 more days, and he's not yet a Speed Limit (he's a young 54)!

I was able to make it to their house after work with plenty of daylight remaining and much to catch up on since they spend most of their time at the coast.

As always a gourmet meal was made and enjoyed by everyone, including Bailey!

It was a family affair! Dad grilled chicken, mom made sweet potato fries and a fresh salad, and I brought over kalamata olive bread and served it with 21 Seasoning Salute + Olive Oil.

I was given clear instruction to avoid taking photos of the ugliest cake of all time, so when you see the blur below just imagine that it was pretty. I'm proud of my mom for not causing a fuss over how the cake looked - it only mattered how it tasted! Judging by how quick it was gone I'd say dad thoroughly enjoyed it!

^We are an internet shopping family^

^This is how all birthdays go, Bailey first!^

There was a short break in my weekend at home with my parents in the form of a 90 minute pre-race massage with Maggie. She is a miracle worker! Hydration, epsom salt baths and plenty of rest is on the schedule for the next week!

Mom and I spent some of the day Sunday virtually decorating the beach house apartment, skyping with a jet-lagged brother and playing with my beautiful sister Bailey! The weekend goes by too fast!

<3 JE

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