Friday, December 14, 2012

Fearless Friday

The most peculiar thing has been happening to me lately and I need to snap out of it quickly.

Case A:

Yesterday after work I found myself trying to make up every excuse I could in order to get out of my run. Too cold, too dark, too tired, too busy, a social invitation for margarita's - But I went for 5 miles.

Case B:

Wednesday I did the same thing to get out of my 3rd training club of the month - too tired, cold coming on, feeling groggy, dinner plans shortly after class. Then I made the decision to go with mere minutes to spare.

Case C:

Tuesday I skipped my run altogether because I didn't feel like having to shower again for Dan and I's date night.

If you see what I see, then you know that I'm going down a slippery path that I don't ever want to go down. I wouldn't say that I'm bored with my workouts or that I'm burnt out - I just feel out of my routine. It could be many reasons, including not feeling comfortable to get my lunch sweat on, that my brain is working harder than I feel like it has in years with my new job or that it's just plain cold (and dark) outside!

This weekend aside from getting some distance mileage in to get to a benchmark of 50 miles, I'm going to do some serious searching to get my mind back in gear for strength, endurance and mental training that will help with the upcoming Tough Mudder 2013 madness in June.

This will be 36 months and counting of my 100 mile running quota and there's no stopping this train!

<3 JE


Weekend Update | JESSI EVEN said...

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Low Carb Jabberwockey said...

It's all that stinkin' rain and darkness !!! I exercise indoors (fencing) and made an excuse last week similar to yours....too dark, too cold, extra shower - you name it, somehow I justified not going.

Jessi said...

It's a rough month, especially with so much celebration to be had. You'll bounce back! I feel like I have! :)