Thursday, December 27, 2012

Restaurant Review | Fire on the Mountain

As most holidays go, the diet and strict workout routine goes out the window fast. Now away from fresh baked cookies and mom's gourmet cooking, I'm on a serious mission to eat clean and work off the holidays before I have to fit back into my skinny jeans come January 2nd. The day after Christmas, Dan and I repaired my driver's side headlight and both installed new wiper blades to prepare for non-stop spring rainfall. Unfortunately for all of us, the 2005 Ford Focus isn't a quick light to change and of course we had to be working on it in mid 30 degree weather. I felt so bad for Dan and tried to brave the cold as long as I could, but I was soon sent inside by the wonderful boyfriend. :) Lucky girl.

For working so hard, and to fulfill one of my December Goals I wanted to take him to Portland's best wing spot - Fire on the Mountain - for where coincidentally he had just received a gift card under the tree. Thanks Mom & Dad!! 

The Burnside location was packed, but we were able to belly up to the bar and have brews in front of us within minutes. Dan had eyes bigger than his stomach - which wasn't such a bad thing so that I could get several photos to share with you... This decision didn't support a clean eating strategy, but I did see plenty yummy salads on tables and on the menu.

What We Drank:

Red Headed Stranger ($4.25 / pint)

Olympia Tall Boy ($2.00 / can)

What We Ate:

Sweet Potato Tots {Cajunized} ($4.95 + .50 - Small)

Homemade Bleu Cheese Stuffed Fried Mushrooms ($4.95)

12 Wings - 6 Spicy Peanut / 6 Jamaican Jerk ($11.25)

Round 2 Tots {Cajunized} ($3.25 + .50 - Small)

Fried Twinkie ($2.75)

Know Before You Go:

  • Expect for the place to be packed - no matter which location and especially when a game is on the TV!

  • Grab a place to sit before you get in line for food - you don't want to be stuck eating with no table.

  • Don't sample the 'El Jefe' sauce unless you're prepared for the immediate consequences ahem, Dan.

  • El Jefe is actually so hot that it was featured on an Outrageous Food episode.

  • So many sauce options for any spice level - check out the guide.

  • Address: Several locations: East Burnside, Interstate and NE Fremont

  • Hours: All locations open at 11am, location and evening vary between 11pm and midnight close

  • View their Menus by location here: Interstate, Burnside, Fremont

Dan is already asking when we can go back...! Somebody likes SE eats!

<3 JE


Tanna said...

Greg's favorite place to get wings! I could tell from the picture you got Jamaican jerk! That's Kristina's favorite. Greg loves the Buffalo Lime Cilantro. He just may have gotten four bottles of it for Christmas!! I don't like wings, but the burgers are pretty good too! We always get fried Oreos. Greg made some at home last week. Talk about dangerous!

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