Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Dining Details

While I know I don't necessarily need anything more in the kitchen, I feel like I'm always on the prowl for cute flatware, glassware and accessories to amplify my home dining experience. Judging by Dan's reaction to when I'm shopping, it may be something that only us ladies appreciate as part of the 'experience'. In my world I just get the eye-roll and the 'oh, I'm sorry - this is for the blog isn't it?'

Yes. Everything is for the blog.

Take a look at what I recommend for those who love the finer details of their dining experience:

1. Monogrammed Mug, $6.00

This is an excellent gift for anyone! I once got this as a gift for Christmas and loved it to pieces...until it smashed into pieces. I may be getting this for myself this year.

2. Ikat Zigzag Placemat, $14.00 (set of 2)

I've noticed myself pin this graphic several times here and here, and of course I instantly fell in love with the placemat. When I consider re-doing my home decor this is the first place I'll look.

3. Square Lacquer Serving Tray, $24.00

Breakfast in bed? Put-together bar tray? Odds and Ends? There's countless ways to use this tray and plenty of lovely vibrant color options.

4. Salad Hands, $15.81

I've never seen these before but think that they would be an awesome gift! So unique and much different than your typical salad tongs.

5. Birch Straws, $8.00 (set of 144) 

These are adorable and perfect for a rustic feel. I like sipping drinks in the summer with straws and can see these fitting nicely into my home soon.

6. Wooden Chopsticks, $5.25 (set of 2)

How fancy are these? I received a gift a few years ago of special chopsticks and have kept them in perfect condition and can see these as a great gift for anyone (who knows how to use them of course!)

7. Whale Measuring Cups, $34.00 (set of 4)

Whales may not be your thing, but there are many cute measuring cup sets out there to fit anyone's taste. I personally love these and think someone in your life would too!

Are you almost done with your shopping? How about gift wrapping?

<3 JE

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