Thursday, December 20, 2012

Throwback Thursday

I was going to come up with another gift guide for today but I then came to the realization that they take forever to put together the best gifts come from the heart and can't be generalized for everyone. Think of an experience you and your special friends or loved ones can share together, or give something that will bring joy to the recipient daily as they see or use it. Spread cheer, joy and love!

Something I see every Thursday on my Instagram feed is the #ThrowbackThursday photo share. This holiday season I'm hoping to go through some of the old photos at my parents house with Dan and get some great content for the year to come! I also have a few of him that I'll be sharing so stay tuned for that!

Below you see me in front of the fireplace in my childhood home showing my support for the Portland Trail Blazers in massive shoes previously owned by Portland Trailblazer, Buck Williams  [1989-1996].

I sincerely love this photo of me and I am really looking forward to taking photos of my someday Far Far... far far far (far!) in the future children.

Go Blazers!

<3 JE

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