Friday, December 21, 2012

Thank You, and You!

Hopefully you've had your fix of Mayan calendar reading this morning - I am not going to talk about that! We've got plenty of time left on this earth so get busy livin'!

Instead I'd like to write about something very near and dear to me - saying "Thank You".

Whether someone opens a door for you, helps you with something, gives you something, goes the extra mile or just shows some genuine human compassion you should do yourself and your karma a big solid by showing your thanks.

Thanks and appreciation is expressed in many ways and some deeds require more of it than others. I personally love getting a hand-written letter sent the old fashioned way and think that it's a lost art that sometimes gets forgotten with how simple and easy composing and email is. My good friends Tanna and Greg sent me this one after I hosted Miss Olive's Baby Shower:

While I was interviewing for my new job, I hand-made cards and delivered them in person the day after each meeting I had with soon-to-be co-workers. I could tell that they really appreciated the gesture and while it wasn't what landed me the role, it was really a great beginning to building a good relationship for the weeks, months, years to come!

Next time you go to Target or a similar store stop in and get some 'Thank You' cards that you love and can have on hand for anytime you need to send a thanks for a birthday gift, throwing a party or just to remind them that they are a great friend and influence in your life.

Not everything requires a gift basket or a bouquet of flowers or even a hand-written letter. Just be sure to remember the next time someone does something nice for you, the least you can do is look them directly in their eyes and give them your sincerest and most earnest thanks.

Thank you, and you - for coming back day after day and still reading what I have to share. Happy Holidays!

<3 JE

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