Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Update

I had almost forgotten how a wonderful weekend was the perfect remedy for a long work week. This weekend was so great that I can't believe that I didn't have to be dragged into work this morning.

Friday set the fun in motion with a White Christmas party with good friends of Dan's who I've adopted as my own. I popped the tags off of a beautiful dress mom got me this past Spring and paired it with grey and gold. Dan got home from work and it didn't take him long to steam his shirt and find the right pants to coordinate with my outfit.

My Handsome :)

I'm a little bummed that I didn't pull out my camera at Michelle's house because she went above and beyond (as always!) to provide an amazing spread of food, drinks and entertainment for the guests. Cranberry bliss bars, lil' smokies, crackers and cheese spread, all the way down to ice water cleverly named 'melted snowman'. Originally on the plan was to meet more great friends downtown for a tacky sweater pub crawl - but we were having a fun time dancing, mingling and nomming with good friends.

Saturday I had to pay for all of the fun I had and get my butt in gear as I promised on Fearless Friday. It wasn't raining when I stepped out the door, and wasn't too cold - so I wore shorts and a non-waterproof jacket. Silly Oregonian. Within 10 minutes the skies broke open and it poured non-stop for the rest of my 5 mile run. Of course I got weird looks from people driving down the street, and saw nobody else out on the road enjoying the rain like I did - but I think it was my fix to get me back in the right mindset. I was out running in the rain in shorts, enjoying it, loving it and feeling alive. If that's not inspiring I'm not sure what is.

Happily I got cleaned up, warmed up, and joined my love for date night at Cinetopia for The Hobbit. We had to show up early since we pre-ordered tickets in the Movie Parlour theater, meaning seating is very limited and whether you actually get to sit together or not is all first-come first-serve. We were only a few couples back in line when we made it an hour early with snacks concealed.

Breaking away from his Tetris game

^ We sat in the top left corner

Sunday was pretty lazy per usual with critical NFL games on non-stop - and especially important for Dan as it was the final Fantasy Football match-up and he was in the championship game!! I haven't been paying much attention to his league standings all year, so to know that he'd walk away with a minimum of tripling his entry fee had me pretty engaged! By 5pm his opponent had already used up all of his players and Dan was still in the lead - victory locked up!! So, instead of his winnings being 3x his entry fee, he walks away with 8x. That's huge!

He was a little upset that his Bears lost to the Packers 21-13, but I can't see him being too upset since the only guy that scored all day for the Packers (James Jones) is on Dan's fantasy team. Bittersweet.

<3 JE

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