Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 80th, Grandma!

This weekend was a major celebration of my Grandma's 80th birthday.

As always, my mom had decorating, catering, designing and planning duties to pull off the event - and made it beautiful!

There was plenty of food to feed an army, platters on platters on platters. There were friends and family, both old and new. I had a great time introducing Dan to some of the family members who have read about him time and time again here on this blog. They all said that he seems like a "keeper"! I especially had a kick out of seeing Grandma's neighbors and friends coming up to us saying that they had heard so many things about Dan with eyebrows raised and big smiling faces. I wonder what rumors Grandma's been spreading!!

Over the four hours we were all together, I ate way too much (including frosting #drool), had a great time reconnecting with cousins and second cousins and volunteering to take home the fresh fruit and veggies during the post party cleanup. Grandma was nothing but smiles the entire time and nearly dropped a tear when and old friend from work stopped by with a thoughtful and memory provoking gift. She's surrounded by so many great friends and it makes me happy to see her happy. She was also fooled by some of her neighbors into thinking that they'd brought her a kitten - syke - just a stuffed animal in a really convincing box. Dan says he couldn't tell who was more fooled and excited - me or Grandma!

This is Dan directly after saying "Wow, when we're 80...." ^ #Mindblown

Happy 80th, Grandma!

<3 JE

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