Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

Last night we partied like it was 1990 and I feel like the room is still spinning this morning - in a good way!

We kicked off the evening with one of our newly discovered best deals in town for a Thirsty Monday evening: Mellow Mushroom. At this delicious pizza spot you can enjoy any beer on the menu with a price of $5.50 per pint for a ridiculously low price of $2... TWO dollars. Not a typo!

With style and grace, our group of eight walked 10 blocks to our 7pm dinner reservations at Yama Sushi & Sake Bar. As a huge sushi fan I thought that they had a great selection of specialty rolls and really enjoyed the four that Dan and I chose to share together.

After we filled our faces, Dan and I got into the car to head out to Brad and Brooke's lovely apartment. The presence of an untimely 'Low Oil' light in Dan's car forced his focus to be solely on getting her something to drink to ring in the new year as well. A man with a plan.

Once that was resolved, we made it to our destination where the real party was going on. The next few hours of the evening were a blur as we played new-to-me board games, I laughed till I cried, we properly toasted with champagne and I kissed my sweetheart at midnight. A perfect way to ring in 2013.

But, oh - that was so last year! Stop back by tomorrow so that I can share my 2013 resolutions with you and my ever-exciting Eight Great Goals for January!

<3 JE

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