Thursday, January 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: When Sleep Takes Over

This week I am beginning to feel the effects of an earlier work schedule, the minimal daylight and the added carpool factor into my daily life.

With days full from start to finish, the hours pass by without notice yet the week drags on like months. Dan and I will have a conversation in the morning on the way to work and before you know it, we are driving home talking about our days and we will both pause to say "That was this morning when we were talking about that?" Scary times.

I really am a fan of my 'free time' and enjoy feeling like I'm doing more than just the drive-work-drive-run-sleep routine, so sometimes I try to fit more into my schedule or stay up a little later than I really should 9:30 is pushing it. Nothing out of the ordinary exciting or demanding, but I'd like to catch up on shows I've DVR'ed, consciously read all of the blogs I follow and work hard on my next day's post so I don't fall behind with my own writing schedule. I remember the days when I could do all of this in addition to seeing everything in my Facebook feed, enjoy what's out there on Twitter and finish a hardcover book in the span of a few days.  Sorry, twitter and real books, it's not you - it's me!

I average close to 7 hours of sleep on a work night but with my active lifestyle and demanding workday I find myself daydreaming about a 8, 9 ... dare I say 10 hours of sleep. To get 10, that equates to a lights out time of 7:15pm and I don't think I'm comfortable with approaching that old lady status just yet.

That said - I'm really looking forward to a 3 day weekend and the following four day work week. No alarms for this girl and maybe I'll even treat myself to a nap or two.

Today's Throwback Thursday is brought to you by some sleepy siblings and family members caught in the act:

^Brother and sister sleeps^

^Little Bailey sleeping on dad^

^ Apparently Bailey and I snooze the same?^

^Dan MID pedicure^

^We'll blame the Jet Lag^

^Sister with no shame after an early morning airport drop-off^

^The sleeping seat^

Time for pot of coffee #2! 

<3 JE


Ashley said...

I'm such a sleeper - anything less than 6.5 hours and I'm a major crank-pot. But I also get to work at 6:30am so that requires me to be old-lady status and be in bed by 10pm!

Jessi said...

Oh goodness - I feel you on the early mornings - I show up at 7 and the commute is anywhere from 30-40 minutes... I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee by 7:30! Cheers to weekends!