Friday, January 4, 2013

Time to Move...the Boyfriend

Thoughts on moving.... My boyfriend!

There are SO many things to prep for with Dan moving to SE with me that I don't want to even begin thinking about it. We have set deadlines for when everything needs to be done by, when the U-Haul needs to be picked up, how many boxes of clothes we can fit between our two cars in the meantime and what could really just be donated to someone who really needs it.

I am of the opinion that we should move everything across town then we could have a day together of going through clothing and '"stuff" with the goal of setting aside at least 30% of workout tees alone and donating them...or making a kick ass quilt out of the worn down fabrics! I know I need it for the rest of my wardrobe / closet space and I haven't forgotten you, Brooke!

There's so much more than just moving logistics. Like boosting the cable so that we go from the 13 channels I currently have to the "holy *%#^ TV package" Dan is used to which he only uses for ESPN & the Golf Channel. We have keys, alarm and emergency contacts all sorted out, but the important things like what time the Woodstock liquor store is open, where I keep my Bi-Mart membership to check the Tuesday member #'s and how to take out the trash every week have still gone undiscussed.

I am thrilled for the opportunity to show my guy the joys of the East side of PDX and what he will be enjoying with a little change of scenery. I would be happy if he can just adjust to the added commute, lack of a guaranteed lunch location and certain stress that can come from the traffic flow. Anything above that like verbalizing how much he likes the house or even inviting friends over would be the ultimate cherry on top.

With that, we are officially going to begin the commute together ...hello carpool parking permit... on Monday, January 7th!

And score! While writing this he asked me when we are going back to Saburo's. #happy&drooling

<3 JE


Brookelyn said...

help me. i'm poor :)

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