Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Summary

Since Throwback Thursday is tomorrow I will have to switch up the post schedule a little. I'm happy to share my month in review just one day early to keep on track with how much I love to share some photos from my past with you.

January somehow has come and gone and I feel like so much has changed in my life in just the past few weeks. I've had to change my day-to-day routine and share my commute with Dan which has caused me to become aware of a few of my stress triggers I've learned to manage on my own time. I have been trying really hard to decompress before leaving work for the day but sometimes it carries over into our 'us' time and frankly ain'tnobodygottimefo'dat.  I'm beyond thrilled that the month almost over is a tiny hint of a few things that are making me smile. We can look forward to more daylight, less rain in my dreams and a short month full of  fun days including a baby shower, the super bowl and a lovely weekend with Dan for Valentine's celebrations.

If you've missed a few posts, here's a round up of a few key moments from the month you may have missed:


  • Successfully moved Dan across town to what we now call our home.

  • Still in my new job and enjoying the process of learning every day.. I even 'graduated'  (whoo-hoo)

  • Started using my DSLR again and am making serious efforts to use it more often.

  • Put together (sort of) my first outfit post.

Great Eats:

Great Memories:

Takes the cake:

One of my most favorite unexpected memories from the last month was when my mom texted me and told me that Dad had a new favorite song, and even Bailey thought that it was F*%^&#$ awesome. They've been poppin' tags ever since:


Here's to February! A new month means new memories!

<3 JE

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