Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 1: Cohabitation

Everyone has been asking me how the first week of Dan's big move has been going. I won't lie - I'm really enjoying the addition of my best friend into my living space.

He is slowly moving carload by carload into his new bedroom and simultaneously realizing how much he forgot that he owns while we find ways to integrate what I have and has been sufficient for me + what he has and where we can substitute.

I instantly recognize that in the past week I'm better about waking up on time and getting ready with more of a jump in my step so that I don't make us late in the morning. I don't hit the snooze nearly as many times but I still find it comforting to set a few six alarms to make sure that I don't snooze till noon... because it happened once upon a time.

I enjoy sharing the East side, grocery shopping for two, having our 'how was your day' conversations on the ride home instead of over dinner, leaving sticky note messages for him on the bathroom mirror, thinking about how we will decorate once he's all moved in and calling this house a home.

He enjoys a Subway within walking distance, a 24 hour Safeway he can see from his window, Texas sized sushi (with a wait) and making me the happiest girl by sharing his time with me.

A few questions I've been fielding:

  • Are we getting in silly stress-related fights? Not at all! I feel that we are both on our best behavior and presenting our no-worry attitudes.

  • Are we sharing house responsibilities? We've both loaded/unloaded dishes, done loads of laundry - we even have Saturday plans to sort through some recycling since it starts to pile up in this house! Maybe a chore calendar is in the works?

  • How much does he hate the commute? It's too early to call. Poor weather, cold & dark mornings and adjusting to an earlier schedule are all things that can make anyone a little grumpy. I can admit that I'm looking forward to when we get a little more light in the day so that the route is more scenic. April/May...!

  • Can he cook? Yes, he can cook and he enjoys cooking - sometimes though I can find him suggesting cereal for dinner!

  • Are you driving together? We have been carpooling and it seems to be working out great so far! I don't miss the lack of a car and it has forced me to plan ahead better so that I don't have the choice to leave work for a bite to eat. 

And it sounds like he’s been getting some of the same questions!

I think his biggest worry is not being able to watch all of his channels and that his DVR recordings are piling up with nobody to watch them. Maybe that's some time we can set aside this weekend during the rest of the packing.

The big furniture move begins at 8am Sunday morning where I will try to be as helpful as I can, which may mean just staying out of the way and making sure that the boys are fed and surfaces are getting cleaned.

Dan said my duties are “supervising and looking pretty”. Got my movin’ day outfit planned!

<3 JE


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