Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Growing Family

I am so thrilled to announce Dan and I's careful decision to adopt... a Betta Fish! We are happy to welcome a new family member into the home and especially to provide my mom with her first shot at being a grandmother.

World, meet Tiger "Master" Betta:

Dan and I have been visiting Woodstock's Animal Crossing almost every other day to see if they had any new Betta fish come in that we'd be able to adopt. (shop local!) Although we've seen a few over the weeks, none of them caught our eye like this handsome little man. Dan and I were both immediately drawn to his beautiful face that only a mother could love and gorgeous color. It didn't hurt that his color also matches our living / dining room as well as being one of Dan's favorite colors: Sunday Red.

We may not have done all of our research before adopting Tiger, but we are studying Betta blogs diligently to understand the best type of environment, food, water temperature and threadcount preference cleaning schedule to provide him with a long and happy life as our adopted son. We will never allow him to grow up and enter into Betta Fight Club - he's got too bright of a future for that.

Our family had quite the full house of non-humans when I was growing up - my brother(I kid!), Blazer girl, Miss Piggy, Mr. Pig or Lily (guinea pigs), Bugs Bunny, Sahara (hamster), Simba, Nala, Griffey, Griffey II, Simba II, Nala II (Goldfish I can remember) and I'm sure a few more goldfish that my parents cleverly flushed and replaced before I had the chance to realize they'd gone belly up in their tank or were caught in the filter.

Today's Throwback Thursday is brought to you by the four legged and finned family members that depend on us to keep their lives full of attention, nourishment and well being.

<3 JE


Brookelyn said...

then comes a baby in a baby carriage.. no? too soon?

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Meghan said...

Hi Jessi! Great to hear from you! Glad you're doing well. Your blog is the cutest! I'm your newest follower:) Did you go to Lakeridge with Georgia?

Jessi said...

Yay! I was hoping you'd click through! Blogger and WordPress don't get along with the avatars for comments. I met Georgia through her husband here at Nike, They are good friends of my boyfriend and I!

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