Friday, January 18, 2013

Week 2: Cohabitation

Week two of welcoming Dan into my home has been full of laughter, loud music, delicious meals and endless smiles.

Sunday was the big move with the U-haul and I think it was a very successful day with the help of his former roommate and two of their amazing friends. The boys stuck to the heavy lifting and navigating while I broke out the harsh cleaning chemicals and got to scrubbing down the old kitchen to prepare it for the move out. With some huge help from Mom, Dad and Bailey last night there's only a few minor touches remaining + some serious organization this weekend and I can happily announce that my wonderful boyfriend is 100% SE material.

Arguably the most exciting part of Dan's week was getting the cable switched over to the package with HD channels, DVR and high(er) speed internet. It came with a price though - he ended up being on the phone with Comcast help support for 4+ hours before he finally was able to talk to a very nice, patient, thorough and helpful agent who was able to resolve apparently the most obscure error that there is.

I learned that he's much more patient than I give him credit for. I also learned that if one of us needs to call comcast it should always be him!

While Dan was getting the cable and internet set up, I found this awesome cassette and started dancing around the room to Bust A Bucket. I don't think he found this an entertaining as I did while he was on the phone unplugging and re-plugging cords but it sure was a blast.


Plus! All of that moving his things and moving my body got me a recent high Fuel count!

We also had the chance to stop into IKEA over the weekend so I finally got the duvet to fit my self-gifted West Elm Organic Chevron Duvet Cover and gave Dan a tutorial on the only way to get the duvet properly in there. Of course you have to crawl in and really match up all of the corners, so he thought it would be a funny photo opportunity...

The food that we've been cooking together has been out of this world! He previously lived in a 3-story town home with a roommate who also had a girlfriend and the kitchen was unfortunately on the main level where they would also sit down to relax and watch TV. I don't know if Dan felt the same, but I always felt nervous about clanking around pots and pans, spending too much time in their space (even though it wasn't private space per-say) and being a nuisance. Now though - our kitchen is all for us and only us! We know if a dish wasn't put away it was one of us and we have a better communication schedule about whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty! Some food favorites have been:

^ Quinoa, eggs, mushrooms, broccoli, sriracha and assorted lowfat cheeses scramble^

^Red potatoes, veggie medley and grilled chicken hearty meal^

^Dinner with mom at Laughing Planet - the Cuban Bowl!^

^Waiting for Take-Out at Tom Yum Thai post 5 mile run^

I am really looking forward to some loud music and focused cleaning by the both of us this weekend to get his belongings unboxed and everything in its place. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive of our move together!

<3 JE


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